Decoding the Chiropractor NAICS Code (621310) for Beginners

chiropractor naics code 621310

The chiropractor NAICS code, specifically 621310, might seem like a random set of numbers at first glance. However, it holds much more significance than one might think. In simple terms, it’s like a unique tag that tells you chiropractors belong to a specific category of businesses related to health and wellness.

Today, we will break down the NAICS code for chiropractors so you can understand precisely what it means and why it matters. Whether you’re just curious, seeking chiropractic care, or stepping into the chiropractic profession, stick around to learn why this code is more than just numbers.

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What is a NAICS Code?

NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System. It was created by the United States, Canada, and Mexico to classify businesses based on their economic activity. The NAICS code is a 6-digit number assigned to each industry or business sector.

The NAICS code aims to provide a standard classification system among countries for statistical analysis and reporting. This allows for easier data comparison and analysis on a national and international level.

The Significance of NAICS Codes in the Healthcare Sector

  • NAICS codes categorize businesses and industries based on their economic activity.
  • They provide a standard classification system for statistical analysis and reporting.
  • This allows for easier data comparison and analysis on a national and international level.
  • In the healthcare sector, NAICS codes help identify specific healthcare services, including chiropractic care.
  • This enables government agencies and organizations to collect accurate data and track trends in the industry.
  • NAICS codes also assist in identifying potential growth areas in the healthcare sector, such as emerging technologies or specialties.

Overall, NAICS codes play a vital role in organizing and understanding the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, providing valuable insights for decision-makers and stakeholders in the industry.

NAICS Code for Chiropractic Services

The NAICS code is essential for anyone becoming a chiropractor as it identifies chiropractic services within the vast healthcare sector. If you enter this profession, this code defines your business type in economic and industry classifications.

It’s like a unique ID for chiropractors that helps in various business aspects, such as filing for business permits, understanding market statistics, and even for insurance purposes.

The specific NAICS code for chiropractic services is 621310. This code is part of NAICS Sector 62, which covers establishments that provide healthcare services.

This code categorizes chiropractic practices and enables them to be part of broader statistical analyses and trends within the healthcare industry.

How NAICS Codes Classify Chiropractic Services?

NAICS code 621310 categorizes chiropractic services as establishments that primarily diagnose and treat patients by manually manipulating the spine and extremities.

This also includes the contemporary use of various diagnostic procedures, such as x-rays and other diagnostic clinical imaging procedures, rehabilitation exercises, patient education, and the use of therapeutic appliances.

This classification helps differentiate chiropractic services from other forms of healthcare provision, allowing for accurate data collection and analysis.

Applying the Chiropractor NAICS Code

Once you have determined that you want to become a chiropractor, obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications takes 7 to 8 years of education and training. But once you are ready to enter the workforce, it’s essential to understand how to apply your specific NAICS code.

How to Find and Use Your Chiropractor NAICS Code?

  • The best way to find your chiropractor’s NAICS code is by consulting the NAICS website.
  • Enter “chiropractic services” in the search bar to generate the code 621310.
  • You can also consult government agencies or organizations that deal with healthcare services for the correct NAICS code.
  • Once you have your NAICS code, use it when filing for business permits, registering with insurance companies, and other business-related matters.

Why Correct NAICS Code Usage Matters for Chiropractors?

Using the correct NAICS code is essential for chiropractors as it accurately identifies their specific industry within the broader healthcare sector.

This allows for better data collection and analysis, leading to more informed decisions and potential growth opportunities for the chiropractic profession.

It also ensures compliance with government regulations and streamlines various business processes.

Why Chiropractors Need to Know Their NAICS Code?

Knowing your NAICS code as a chiropractor is like having a compass in the vast healthcare industry. It guides you on where you fit in the economic landscape and how you can navigate your business practices.

It is crucial for chiropractors to know their NAICS code for several reasons:

  • Guides business practices: Knowing your NAICS code helps you understand how to position your chiropractic practice in the market.
  • Better leverage opportunities: Proper identification allows you to access resources and opportunities tailored to the chiropractic industry.
  • Meeting challenges: It prepares you to meet industry-specific challenges with appropriate strategies.
  • Regulatory compliance: It ensures that your practice meets government standards and regulations.
  • Access to business grants: Proper categorization can open doors to financial grants and aid for healthcare services.

How to Identify and Use the Chiropractor NAICS Code?

To identify and use the chiropractor NAICS code, follow these simple steps:

  1. Research: Do your research and understand the nature of chiropractic services to determine which industry category it falls under.
  2. Consult the NAICS Website: Visit the NAICS website and search for “chiropractic services” in their search bar to generate the code 621310.
  3. Government Agencies and Organizations: You can consult government agencies or organizations dealing with healthcare services for the correct NAICS code.
  4. Use the Code: Once you have your NAICS code, use it when filing for business permits, registering with insurance companies, and other business-related matters.

Practical Implications of Chiropractor NAICS Code

The practical implications of knowing and using the chiropractor NAICS code include:

  • Better data collection: Proper categorization allows for accurate data collection, which can provide valuable insights into the chiropractic industry.
  • Industry-specific analysis: With a specific NAICS code, analyzing trends and statistics within the chiropractic profession becomes easier.
  • Access to resources and grants: Categorization opens doors to resources, funding opportunities, and business grants designated explicitly for healthcare services.
  • Compliance with regulations: By using the correct NAICS code, chiropractors can ensure compliance with government standards and rules for their practice.


What is the role of NAICS codes for chiropractors?

NAICS codes help classify chiropractic services as a distinct industry within the healthcare sector. It allows for accurate data collection and analysis, aiding in making informed decisions and identifying growth opportunities for chiropractors.

How do I find my NAICS code if it’s not listed on the NAICS website?

If your NAICS code is not listed on the website, consult government agencies or organizations dealing with healthcare services for the correct code. You can also contact the NAICS help desk for assistance.

Can I use the same NAICS code for my chiropractic practice in different states?

Yes, you can use the same NAICS code for your chiropractic practice in different states, as the code is specific to the nature of your services, not your location. However, it’s always best to double-check with local authorities for state-specific regulations or requirements.

Are there any penalties for using the incorrect NAICS code for my chiropractic practice?

Using the wrong NAICS code can lead to data mistakes, affecting your practice’s decisions and growth potential. It can also lead to non-compliance with government regulations, resulting in penalties and legal repercussions.

Can I have more than one NAICS code for my chiropractic business?

While businesses can have multiple NAICS codes, using the most accurate one for your chiropractic practice is advised. Using various codes may lead to confusion and hinder proper data collection and analysis for your business.

Final Talk: The Role of NAICS Codes in Enhancing Chiropractic Business

Chiropractor NAICS code (621310) is more than just a number; it’s a key that can unlock growth, compliance, and strategic advantages. Knowing and using the correct NAICS code provides a foundation for success. Whether it’s ensuring regulatory alignment, crafting effective marketing strategies, or accessing industry-specific data, chiropractors can benefit from this foundational element of business classification.

For more insights and guidance on becoming a licensed chiropractor, we encourage you to read our other blog posts on Chiropric.

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